How you can help your doctor?

Counter signing documents

Did you know that – GPs are no longer required to countersign your passport or driving licence application form? Opticians, Dentists, civil servants, religious ministers, bank and building society officials and many other professionals can also do this for you.

Sick Notes

Did you know that – you do not need a sick note if you are off of work for less than seven days. You can self certify – contact your personnel office at work for details. SC2 forms can also be downloaded by clicking here.

Minor Health Problems

Don’t forget – you don’t always need an appointment with your GP for advice for coughs or colds and other minor health problems you can see the Minor Illness nurse or the local pharmacist instead.


  • Be on time for your appointment
  • Tell us if you need to cancel as soon as possible in order that we can rebook the appointment. You can do that here.
  • Be aware that if you do not attend i.e. fail to cancel appointments for procedures such as minor surgery, this can mean 1 hour of wasted time for the doctor and the nurse. In that time that has been wasted they could have seen 6 patients for a routine consultation.

Home Visits and Urgent appointments

Call for a home visit or urgent appointment before 10am. This enables the doctors to plan their day most effectively.