Booking an Appointment

Non-urgent advice: COVID-19 Update

Until further notice to try and stop the spread of the virus you will initially be assessed by a telephone consultation with an Advanced Nurse Practitioner or GP, this does not effect bookings for blood tests and nursing procedures

How to make an appointment

To make an appointment you can:

  • Phone(01604) 709426
  • Do so in personat our reception area where our Receptionists are available to help you between 8am and 6:30pm.(SUSPENDED DURING COVID19)
  • Online via SystmOnline– if you have an account please click on the image below to login.(SUSPENDED DURING COVID19, PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE FROM OUTSIDE THE UK)

Online Access: SystmOnline


Appointments are for dealing with one persons problems and last for 10 minutes.

The GP will only be able to deal with 1 or at most 2 problems in a single appointment.

If you feel your problem is complex or you have a number of problems to discuss please ask the receptionist to book a longer appointment for you.

  • When booking your appointment please decide what type of appointment will best suit your needs and how soon you need to be seen.
  •  Consider which type of health care professional can deal with your reason for making the appointment. The information on this site explains which health care professional can deal with different types of problem. Making appropriate use of the correct person can relieve pressure on GP appointments. 
  • Bear with us while we try to determine the exact mix of book ahead and on the day appointments that will best meet demand.

Advocacy, Chaperones & Interpreters

Patients are welcome to attend any appointment accompanied by a friend or relative if they find this helpful. Patients attending on their own may also ask for a chaperon to be provided during a consultation with the doctor or nurse. If required, an interpreter can be organized to accompany the patient to see the doctor – NB: this can take some days to arrange (ask our receptionists for details).