Research, Training and Teaching


Danes Camp Surgery is a fully accredited research ready Level 4 practice. The research team at the surgery is lead by Dr A Zafar assisted by our research team drawn from nurses and admin staff. They run a variety of research projects, some of which are commercial studies. The team work within criteria specified by the ethics committee to ensure the safety of patient data and our compliance with strict ethical codes.

Patients will be fully informed of the research process and if identified as possible research subjects will be contacted individually and their full informed consent obtained prior to any research data being collected or released. Patients can refuse to participate or withdraw from a study at any time by informing the surgery of their decision.

In addition we contribute anonymous patient data to a database(s) used for health care research purposes. The practice receives a nominal fee and training from the company aggregating the data to help improve quality in its computer records. The company holding the anonymous data will be providing the data to authorised researchers for a data fee. The data collection scheme has been approved by the South East Multi-centre Research Ethics Committee.

The Committee will also be overseeing all research conducted on the data. The database will hold data on millions of patients, and no patient will be traceable to anyone outside this practice This data provision is felt to be a valuable tool in its role within Healthcare research. The outcome of which we hope may eventually provide benefits to overall patent care.

Research Staff:

  • Research Lead – Dr. Azhar Zafar
  • Research Manager – Nula Smart
  • Research Data Co-Ordinator – Viqar Abbasi
  • Research Nurses – Gemma Bilson
  • Research Admin/Co-Ordinator – Isabella Soto Vasquez

Training and Teaching

The practice is involved in the training and teaching of medical staff, from time to time health care professionals within the practice may have trainee registrars  and students working with them. They are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as all our employed staff. You will be informed if a student is working with a health care professional that you are seeing and asked for your permission before they are included in the consultation.