Non-urgent advice: PRESCRIPTION 

We can no longer accept paper repeat prescriptions. Please register for our on-line services by emailing us on danescamp.k83610@nhs.netconfirming your mobile number and email address.

If you are already registered for online services and unable to request or see the medication you require you can add a note for the practice staff, please ensure the spelling and dose is correct. If you need to add a family member to request your medication please email a signed letter, or if this is not possible we will need to contact the patient directly to get verbal consent.

For the elderly or vulnerable people who don’t have a family member or carer who can request your medication please call directly on 01604 876317 or 01604 876314. 


Order Repeat Medication

Non-urgent advice:

Due to the current situation please where-ever possible order your repeat medication using our system on-line, if you do not have access :

–      Register for system online
–      Request via NHS App
–      Or message through our website “online-triage”

What are repeat prescriptions?

Repeat prescriptions are prescriptions for medication that you are able to order from the surgery without having to see a GP each time.

How to order

  • In person – please tick the items you need on the tear off request slip that is provided on the right hand side of your prescription. Place the completed clip in the locked box outside of the entrance door or hand it to the Receptionists.
  • By Post – If you do please make sure you include all the following details; Name, address and date of birth. For each medication required please state the name, form (e.g. inhaler, tablet) and strength and the directions stating how you are to use the medication.
  • Online – If you have a SystmOnline account please click on the button below to login. To use the SystmOnline service, please send us an email to confirm your mobile number and email address, a user name and password will then be issued. 

Telephone requests are NOT accepted. Please allow 3 working days for your request to be processed. Please keep your repeat request slip in a safe place and if you go into hospital take it with you together will your medication.

Medication Review

If you are receiving repeat prescriptions for a condition you will need a medication review. Your review date is printed on your repeat prescription request slip. It is very important that you attend as medication reviews are important to ensure that your medicines and doses are appropriate and that you are not experiencing any side effects. If a further medication review is required no further prescriptions will be issued until you have attended for the review appointment.

Prescription Charges

If you have to pay these charges and need more than:

  • 5 items in 4 months or
  • 14 items in 12 months

NB: You could save money by buying a Prescription Pre-payment Certificate – ask at Reception, or download an application form by clicking here. Help maybe available for those on low incomes or in receipt of benefits, to find out if you are eligible click here.

Medicines: Reducing costs and waste.

Reducing costs

All GP surgeries are being encouraged to make changes to their prescribing in order to reduce costs. One measure is to prescribe generic drugs rather then more expensive branded drugs wherever possible.

What are generic drugs?

When a drug is first licensed for use the pharmaceutical company is given a patent for a period of time on its branded item. This allows them to recoup their research and development costs which are very high. Once that period of time has expired then other companies are able to make the drug to the same formulation. Because the other suppliers who enter the market do not have to bear the development costs of the drug then their prices are usually considerably cheaper.  The effects of the drug on patients and their condition however, should be the same as the original branded drug.

Switching patients to generics

Danes Camp Medical Centre is already prescribing a high proportion of drugs generically. As new generics are used or become available we will write to patients who are affected to inform them about the changes that are occurring. If problems are experienced in the switch over then patients will be able to speak to the Nene Clinical Commissioning Group pharmaceutical advisor or make a routine appointment to see a GP.

Reducing waste – 28 day prescribing

GPs are now being required to move to 28 day prescribing in an effort to streamline patients ordering of repeat medication as all medications will be repeated for the same length of time. Patient safety will also be improved via increased use of 28 day calendar packs which include patient information leaflets inside. Danes Camp Medical Centre complies with NHS requirements for 28 day prescribing.


Every year millions of pounds are wasted because people order more repeat prescriptions for medicines they do not use. This money could have been used for patient care. Any medicines you have ordered and then returned to the pharmacy cannot be re-used even if unopened.

If you have any questions about this change then please contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service at NHS Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

How YOU can help

Collect any medicines that may be owing to you from the pharmacy before re-ordering.

  • Only order medicines that you need and do not be tempted to order extras as ‘standby’
    • Do not hoard medicines at home – it is unsafe and leads to wastage. If your dose changes or your GP stops your medicine, or the expiry date has passed then you will have lots to throw away.
    • For some conditions you may not need to take some medicines all the time e.g. pain killers. You do not have to order these every month but only when you need them. If you are uncertain whether or not medication should be taken long term you should check with your GP.
  • For many long term conditions it is important that you do continue to take your medication e.g. medication for high blood pressure. However, if you do choose not to take a medication that has been prescribed for you – please tell your GP.
  • When collecting your prescription – Please check it is only for the medicines that you have ordered. If there is anything extra, please tell the receptionist at the surgery or the staff at the pharmacy.

How do you dispose of unwanted medicines safely?

Always return unwanted and out of date medicines to your local pharmacy for safe disposal. DO NOT flush unwanted medications down the toilet.

Prescribing for patients travelling abroad

1. Travelling abroad for up to 3 months and intending to return

An NHS prescription for regular medication will be given to cover the three month period providing that the GP is happy that any monitoring required is up to date and satisfactory.

2. Travelling abroad for more than 3 months and NOT intending to return

  • An NHS prescription for one month’s supply of regular medication will be provided. This allows sufficient time for the journey to be undertaken and a suitable medical practitioner to be engaged in the overseas country.
  • The patient will be removed from the practice list.

 3. Requests for other medication to take abroad

  • No medication other than that which a patient takes on a regular basis will be prescribed. This includes antibiotics, treatments for diarrhoea or any other ‘just in case’ treatments.
  • If the patient is already abroad then no prescriptions can be issued. NHS prescriptions or medication cannot be sent abroad. These types of medication can be prescribed on a private prescription.

If the practice is aware that you are travelling abroad for longer than 3 months and does not take the appropriate action, as stated above, it could be considered to be acting in a fraudulent manner.

This protocol is based on current NHS regulations; the relevant parts are quoted below:

  • The NHS accepts responsibility for supplying ongoing medication for temporary periods abroad of up to 3 months.
  • ‘If a person is going to be abroad for more then 3 months then all that the patient is entitled to at NHS expense is a sufficient supply of his/her regular medication to get to the destination and find an alternative supply of that medication’
  • ‘where a person for whose treatment a doctor responsible leaves the UK with the intention of being away for a period of at least 3 months that person is removed from the doctors list and as a consequence ceases to be eligible for NHS treatment.’

All individuals travelling abroad are advised to take out health insurance and if travelling within the EU to obtain the relevant health forms