Blood Tests & Test Results

Blood Tests

If the Doctor feels that a blood test is required, he will ask you go to Reception and make an appointment with the Heath Care Assistant/Phlebotomist to have these tests carried out. Most tests can be undertaken routinely within 14 days. If they are more urgent the doctor will indicate this. Multiple tests can be taken with one needle insertion.

Non-urgent advice: Please note

That for fasting blood tests patients should drink only water for 12 hours before the test – it is however fine to take your routine medication.

Test Results

Your results will be available to view through the NHS App, please contact the Admin Team if you need assistance setting this up. If you are unable to use the App, please telephone reception between 11:00am and 3:00pm Monday – Friday please allow 3 – 5 days before calling. To maintain confidentiality results will only be given to patients themselves or to the parents of children under 16 if appropriate unless written consent has been previously obtained.

  • The Surgery will not contact you if your results are normal
  • if you have further concerns following a normal result, please contact the surgery and ask to book for a review
  • You may see your results being filed with a comment by the Dr with the following:
  • Satisfactory
  • Borderline
  • Abnormal But Expected
  • No further action
  • Sometimes you may see “out of range” paramount’s, please be reassured your results will have been read by a clinician and the values completely normal for you.