Diabetic Care Annual Diabetic Check All of our patients are invited by letter to attend the diabetic clinic once a year for an annual review with a practice nurse, who has received additional specialist training in diabetic care.

Two weeks prior to this appointment please attend surgery to see Eleanor, our Health Care Assistant, for a fasting blood test (Kidney and liver function, cholesterol and a test that assesses control of blood sugar over the past few months). The results will then be ready for discussion at your annual review.

Diabetic Patients – Retinal Eye Screen

All diabetic patients should be screened annually at the retinopathy clinic. You will be sent an invitation letter informing you when your  appointment. If you receive an invitation then it is very important that you attend as this will be your only annual opportunity to have the screening.

Please do not ignore your recall for annual review. If you are house bound then please let Carolyn Coulton know and she will make alternative arrangements for you.

Disposing of Clinical Waste

Northampton clinical waste department provide a confidential clinical waste collection service Tel: 01604 838281.

More Information about Diabetes Care

Diabetes Mellitus (sugar diabetes) is a very common condition affecting about ? of the population. It occurs when the body does not produce enough insulin to regulate the level of sugar in the blood. For those affected by diabetes it can be controlled, dependent on the type of diabetes it is, by diet, diet and tablets or by insulin.

Irrespective of the type of diabetes complications can occur. All diabetics have an increased risk of heart disease, kidney problems, eye damage which could lead to blindness and damage to nerves and blood vessels (especially in the feet) which can lead to ulcers and other foot complications. However in the majority of patients, if diabetes is well controlled and efficiently monitored most of these complications can be detected in the early stages and stabilised or prevented.

At the onset, or during periods when the diabetes is unstable, more regular checks are required. Otherwise a patient may be happy to be assessed once a year at the annual diabetic check at the surgery.