COVID-19 Vaccination Update

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COVID-19 – Vaccination Programme

Danes Camp and Rillwood Medical Centre have partnered with Whitefields Medical Centre and they are the designated site for the COVID-19 vaccination. We will start vaccinating patients aged 80 years and over in the week beginning 4th January 2021 (this is still subject to change as we await the vaccines) . Patients will receive notification they are eligible for the vaccine by SMS text or by telephone. Please do not call to book a vaccination unless you have received notification to do so.

The vaccine needs to be used quickly in the days following delivery and practice resources may need to be re-deployed to ensure the smooth running of vaccination clinics. Urgent care will continue to be provided at the practice during the vaccination programme and we will try to minimise the impact on routine care as much as possible.

If you have a minor health condition, you may be able to manage this at home with advice from your local pharmacist, without the need to see a doctor or nurse.